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The employer Satisfaction rate of 92.9%

Campus in midtown Toronto in proximity to many top companies

Programs are PGWP Eligible

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Fleming College has strong local, regional, and global ties that make it attuned to the needs of the business community, and therefore the needs of students looking to advance their careers. Now, thanks to a partnership between Trebas Institute and Fleming College, Fleming’s most in-demand programs are available in the city of Midtown Toronto. The partnership ensures that your experience and academic delivery align with Fleming’s high education standards. Students benefit from not only expert and experienced faculty, but also various amenities and services that the Toronto campus provides, including career counselling, accessibility services, and personal wellness support. The college emphasizes practical, hands-on education that gets graduates into the workplace

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Our Programs

Business Diploma

Dive into a business career at Fleming College Toronto, located in the heart of Canada’s bustling business and finance capital, Toronto. Students will gain all the skills and know-how for success in a global business environment

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Global Business Management

With this 2-year graduate certificate program, you will learn to lead in domestic and international business settings. Fleming College Toronto’s campus provides access to Canada’s business and financial capital, the perfect place to jump start a career

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Project Management

This graduate certificate program provides you with the skills and knowledge to manage all aspects of a project and achieve organizational goals in a competitive global environment


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Supply Management Global Logistics

In this one-year graduate certificate program, you will learn how global companies manage the flow of goods and services to maximize their competitive advantage. The skills acquired here will prepare students to work in Canada’s import and export economy, where supply chain knowledge is in high demand

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