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The University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF) is situated in the heart of Niagara Falls and is committed to cultivating an academic community that prepares graduates for leadership in a digital world. UNF offers a variety of professionally oriented undergraduate and graduate programs. Through an immersive learning setting that promotes interactive and experiential education, UNF takes pride in delivering a distinctive academic journey that readies prospective graduates for success in

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Master of Data Analytics

The Master of Data Analytics (MDA) program at the University of Niagara Falls Canada, is designed to prepare graduates for high-demand careers in data analysis. 

This 48-credit program can be completed in five 12-week terms, with an on-campus delivery option. The curriculum focuses on real-world applications, offering core training in the data science lifecycle and the choice of three learning tracks: Marketing Analytics, Operations Analytics and General Analytics

Graduates will be equipped to help organizations make data-driven decisions, driving innovation and increasing organizational value

Master of Management

The Master of Management (MM) program at the University of Niagara Falls Canada, is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to become entrepreneurs and drive digital transformation.

This interdisciplinary program offers two specializations: Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology. Students can focus on developing successful business plans or assessing and implementing new technologies for a competitive advantage. The MM program is available in on-campus format and emphasizes critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and a digital mindset

In partnership with incubators, accelerators and leading businesses, students gain access to real-world experience and rigorous academic preparation, preparing them for success in the digital economy

Master of Arts in Digital Media

The Master of Arts in Digital Media and Global Communications program at the University of Niagara Falls Canada is a professionally oriented degree program tailored to prepare graduates for careers in the dynamic world of digital media

This 45-credit program, which can be completed in five instructional terms over 18 months, offers a solid foundation in intercultural storytelling across multiple platforms, including marketing, public relations, advertising, social media, gaming, eSports, entertainment and education

Designed with flexibility in mind, the curriculum focuses on ideation, creativity and design for digital media, preparing graduates for roles such as digital marketing strategists, social media specialists, public relations and advertising executives, intercultural communications specialists and various producer, designer, manager, technical artist and entrepreneur positions

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration

The Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program offers students a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals, digital commerce, finance, accounting, human resources and marketing in the digital economy

Graduates will be equipped with critical thinking and reasoning skills, collaboration and teamwork experience and a foundation in entrepreneurship and problem-solving. The program is available in two majors: Digital Economy and Digital Marketing

Honours Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

The Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences program provides an integrated, comprehensive curriculum to prepare graduates for medical school, graduate degree programs and careers in biotechnology and related industries

The program focuses on developing knowledge and competencies in biomedical sciences while emphasizing the role of contemporary digital technologies

The core curriculum includes biology, psychology, molecular biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, biostatistics, anatomy, physiology and emerging technology in health

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